What is your name?
What is your email? (or parent's email)
What is your phone number?
We'll get to a few who, what, how questions in a sec, but the most important question is always why. Why do you have a website? This doesn't need to be a philosophical, poignant one-liner, just throw down all of the reasons that you personally believe a website is important for you and your business. The next question will be about your users, this one is all about you. Don't worry if your answers seem selfish, this is the time to lay it out.
Ok, now please just write down all of the different "types" of users you believe are visiting and interacting with your current websites. Don't overthink keeping people in exclusive groups, just throw down your own perceived descriptions. For example, "people looking for free advice", "people looking to buy products/services", "people looking to donate money to a cause", etc. etc.
So, now please consider WHY you believe a website is needed for all of the people other than you and your business's personnel. What are all of the reasons that a website is important for all of the "user types" that you just wrote down in the previous question.
Please choose the answer that best describes your situation today. We'll get to what you'd like in the future, but please describe your CURRENT situation.
What answer best describes your desire for how you'd like to have your site(s) managed going forward. Not technical stuff, but the content and the direction of the site(s)
If there are other people involved with your website(s), please list out their name (first name is fine) and describe very briefly what they do. For example, James is a friend he does my social media; Jenny is a business partner, we share revenue from the site, etc. If no one else is involved, just type "none"
Which of the following objectives are very important for you overall? Check all that apply
Which ONE of the following same objectives is the MOST important one to work on right away?
Other than the website, what other aspects of your business do you feel you need help with? Select all that you think are relevant.
What are your biggest fears when thinking about making changes to your websites? Just list out everything that pops in your head right now. Elaborate as much as you can and include any info that you want us to be aware of in best streamlining your online marketing.