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With a background in Marketing and Consumer Research, Laurent keeps the left and right sides of his brain very busy. Laurent started out his career in investment banking, but found his passion transitioning to marketing strategy and digital technology. Most recently, Laurent has been focusing on entrepreneurs looking to grow and scale their marketing and sales performance. "Technology and innovative thinking are big equalizers today and I enjoy helping small to medium sized business owners take full advantage."

What experience do you have?

I've seen a fair amount of action, but mostly I'd say that I've been fortunate enough to see the worlds of marketing and technology from a variety of angles; from client side to supplier, within large organizations and small agencies. It's all been a wonderful and rewarding challenge.

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Laurent, what do you do for fun?

Quite honestly, working with my clients is a lot of fun. We're on the cutting edge of marketing and technology with small to medium sized companies and that is very rewarding. When I'm not "working," I enjoy spending time with my family and training for multi-sport events. Follow my activities on Strava:


Planetarium, a long-time partner, is a boutique brand planning consultancy that excels in extracting the essence that drive high performance campaigns.

Copernicus Marketing

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CRM Metrix

Experience evaluating websites all over the world

L'Oréal Canada

Global leader in health and beauty


Investment Banking


Bizsites, not websites

If you run a small to medium sized enterprise, you owe it to yourself to check out Streamline.