Tribal Connections

Aug. 1, 2017

Streamliners of a feather kick ass together

EPT Racing Team

Epoch Performance Therapy Elite Level Triathlon Team in Charlotte, NC

Big Sexy Racing

The elite triathlon team founded by 7x Ironman champion, Chris McDonald. Streamline's mandate is to consolidate and scale this hugely successful tri team.

Epoch Universal

EPOCH is developing end-to-end solutions with Streamline and AwareLabs to change the game when it comes to small to medium sized business operations.

HIT Cycling

Streamline has teamed up with Epoch Universal, Performance Therapy and HIT to create HIT Cycling, the ultimate indoor cycling experience


Owned and operated by 7x Ironman Champion, Chris McDonald

R5-PARA Racing

An elite level tandem cycling team. we race the tandem in many regional and local events as well as Paralympic division National events/UCI C1


Research Digitally Re-Mastered

Streamline is built on a bedrock of marketing research and analytics. We can help guide you or take the driver's seat when necessary.



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