Their mission: wellness through friendship, racing/training and proper nutrition. we also aim to raise awareness about vision loss and adaptive sports.

Chester Triplett

Military Veteran/Paralympic Athlete
"As a visually-impaired Military Veteran and Paralympic athlete, sharing my story and writing about my journey is a very important component of pursuing my 2020 Tokyo Paralympic dream. Recently I began working with Streamline Agency to build a website that would become the hub for sharing my Paralympic journey and adapting to vision loss. Stargardt's Disease causes a loss of central vision so in order to adapt, I use several low vision aids that are a builtin accessibility feature with every iOS device. Foremost, I use the zoom and VoiceOver feature which enables the utilization of auditory perception, combined with the Zoom feature and limited amount of remaining visual perception. Equipped with this low vision aids, the AwareLabs platform and Streamline Agency connectivity make it possible for a visually-impaired Para-athlete like myself to upload videos, photos and enter all the text needed to build a website that represents the journey. As well, StreamLine Agency is always readily available to provide customer service and troubleshooting when any issues occur. In sum, the ease of access that the AwareLabs and StreamLine Agency platform makes possible, well, makes possible that a visually-impaired customer like myself can easily navigate my website, all the while, defeating vision loss and disability. Nice work team! "