Butcher Shop

PRIMAL, only offers USDA PRIME and USDA CHOICE meats that are hormone and antibiotic FREE. Their meats are fresh, never frozen. PRIMAL wants your experience to be pleasant, something you look forward to and remember. General Analytix has powered much of the research, innovation and technology underpinning, Primal's branding and marketing performance.

Kevin Wickert

"My company had the opportunity to work with Laurent for market research and re-branding. Laurent's vision and leadership led us in directions that we would not have considered with his boundless energy and seemingly endless pool of knowledge and ideas. We're grateful to Laurent for his ability to navigate and anticipate the many pitfalls and opportunities in our market. Many thanks!"

The Flying Butcher

The Flying Butcher Shop started as a simple site design project following a re-branding. Today, TFB is on the cutting edge of premium butcher experience.