Founded by long-standing client, Paul Harrold, PARA≈GUIDE will be working with Streamline to identify opportunities to reach those in need of guided services ranging from transportation and training to scholarships and financial aid.

Paul Harrold

CEO Epoch Universal
"Working with Streamline has been a unique experience. What I believe I enjoy the most is that I have complete control over how I choose to interact with the agency and my sites. Sometimes I want to be in the driver's seat when and where I want and Streamline has built a back end that is so intuitive and straight forward that I can jump right in and hit the gas as hard as I want without getting stuck. On the days that I want to "ride shotgun," Laurent is there is guide me and I learn quickly and efficiently. When I get really busy and need to be "chauffeured," I just give Streamline the directions and they let me sit back and relax knowing that we'll get there on time and on budget. It's this flexibility that sets Streamline apart. I'm currently running 3 projects with Streamline and have recommended them to my friends and clients."