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Montgomery Advertising (MontAD) is a creative group of people with different personalities, skills and points of view. They’re marketing pros, media experts, data geeks, creative conceptualists, project perfectionists and bookkeeping believers. We teach yoga, play the blues, eat vegan, eat Italian, ride bicycles to work, drive minivans to work, ride golf carts and motorcycles on weekends, like sports, love art, enjoy wine, occasionally whine, chase children, chase our dreams and we all wear different shoes. We still manage to walk in the same direction when it comes to helping our clients’ businesses grow.

Al Haberstroh

Al Haberstroh

Founder and Chief Strategy Officer MontAd Media
"Laurent has the ability to derive and deliver those nuggets of actionable insights from surveys and data. The additional ability to apply these in sites in a strategic way aligned to achieving business goals makes him a very valuable resource. "

Know Your Parts

Know Your Parts is a client of MontAd