Nov. 20, 2016

A lot of us in the Streamline network enjoy speed and we've raced just about everything from bikes to cars and off-road trucks to simply pushing our bodies to personal records in various road racing and swimming events. We were naturally intrigued when one of our founding members, Paul Kenjora was recounting how he had helped his client Patrick Motorsports with their online Porsche playground. 

As Paul explained, Patrick Motorsports was growing a very passionate following in Phoenix, Arizona and the word was traveling in Porsche circles that this was THE shop to entrust with restorations and upgrades. At the time, the shop started out with a basic website and let the world know that they could sell and ship parts. The response was not great at first since the online presence did not reflect all of the care and attention that went into each implementation. 

That's when AwareLabs proposed to showcase builds from soup to nuts with exhaustive photo galleries and detailed parts documentation. Every piece of content now contributed to telling stories and in the world of rare vintage Porsches, these stories are folklore. 

Now armed with substance, Patrick Motorsports and AwareLabs were able to bottle the magic of the builds with precisely prescribed parts packages. The photo-documentaries of classic 911s, 914s, 912s, 930's and even the fabled 356 are now the "sizzle" to the parts packages "steak" and this recipe has transformed Patrick Motorsport into a multi-million dollar outfit now expanding into a new, state of the art Porsche facility to keep up with its growth. 

Take a moment to visit the Patrick Motorsport website and then get in touch with Streamline to discuss how we can transform your small business into a high performance enterprise, one that is fun to operate and efficient to manage.

Click here to visit Patrick Motorsport's Website

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Patrick Motorsports

Complete Porsche speed shop specializing in restoration and race preparation.

Kevin Wickert

"My company had the opportunity to work with Laurent for market research and re-branding. Laurent's vision and leadership led us in directions that we would not have considered with his boundless energy and seemingly endless pool of knowledge and ideas. We're grateful to Laurent for his ability to navigate and anticipate the many pitfalls and opportunities in our market. Many thanks!"

Chris Obstarczyk

"Laurent is highly knowledgable and passionate about his work. He will get you where you need to be painlessly with his top notch creativity, worth ethic and professionalism. A true master at his craft. "

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General Manager
"It is a pleasure working with Laurent, he clearly explains everything and is very patient with us throughout the process. He listened to our needs and built a site that works for our business. "

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Founder and Chief Strategy Officer MontAd Media
"Laurent has the ability to derive and deliver those nuggets of actionable insights from surveys and data. The additional ability to apply these in sites in a strategic way aligned to achieving business goals makes him a very valuable resource. "

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Managing Director
"Laurent's one of those guys who "figures things out." When it comes to technology, he's able to fearlessly take on complex challenges, assess resources and best practices, and come up with optimal solutions. He has a great mind for the intersection of marketing and technology."