July 2, 2017

PrologueFor those of  you who know me, I've been threatening to start my blog for quite some time now. I worked on an outline and even started several threads only to give into the plague of procrastination in the pursuit of perfection. So, here's my first blog entry written with the motivation of someone who hopes to share his musings and observations as an ongoing habit rather than a Magnus Opus.

You Are An IronmanAbout one year ago, I heard these 4 words over the loudspeaker on a beautiful afternoon in Lake Placid, New York. It was my first full course Ironman finish which consisted of 2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles of cycling an full 26.2 marathon run. I trained thousands of miles for that race, ate right, followed a coaching plan and quite honestly fell in love with the sport. The race took me a little over 11 hours to finish and mostly everyone told me that this was a great time. In my head though, I wanted to be faster, I wanted to at least finish in 10 hours and hopefully punch my card to the world championship race in Kona, Hawaii. 

Using (note abusing) the Ironman MindsetSomething I didn't expect to feel after completing my first Ironman competition (and I'll use the word cautiously) was intermittent and albeit mild bouts of what I can only describe as depression. The realization that to