1 Website Platform License

1 Assigned Marketing Strategist

1 Q&A session per month

Start and run your own AwareLabs Marketing Platform with guidance from our experts so you never get stuck.



1 Website Platform License

1 On Call Web Master

4 Production Hours Per Month

1 Q&A Session Per Month

1 Add-On Service (up to $500 in value*)

*with a 12 month commitment

Everything you need to start and run a website. We'll be your on call web master.



Platform Consultation

Marketing Strategy

Production Hours

Creative Services

We'll be part of your team and consult with you on both Marketing Strategy and Tactics with a keen eye on Return On Marketing Investment.

Professionally Designed Site Theme


Your website needs to properly reflect your business. Hire one of our professional designers to take all of the guesswork out of this process.

Photography Session


We send a photographer to your location and create high quality photos of you and your business.

Promotional Event Setup


We make sure your event is organized, promoted, attended, and well photographed.

Promotional Newsletter


Assemble a promotional newsletter based on your existing website content and send to your subscribers.

Logo Design


Creating a logo for your website and print material is as easy as telling us what you like and getting options.

Blog Post


We have professional native language speaking copywriters who can create and original engaging article for your website.

Flyer Or Business Card


Flyers and business cards done correctly can be an amazing promotional tool

Banner Design


Banners are great at making a first impression. We'll help you design a banner for your website.

Promotional Video


A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video brings it all to life.

Laurent Painchaud

Founder of Streamline

Paul Kenjora

Tech Streamliner

Aware Labs

Streamline and AwareLabs ensure our clients reach goals without getting hung up on frustrating details like editing themes or downloading plugins.

Epoch Universal

EPOCH is developing end-to-end solutions with Streamline and AwareLabs to change the game when it comes to small to medium sized business operations.

New Angle Films

Film production company


Planetarium, a long-time partner, is a boutique brand planning consultancy that excels in extracting the essence that drive high performance campaigns.

SArtale Creative Exchange

Forty years of Sales Promotion experience working with clients both large and small.

Streamlining Enthusiasm

Nov. 20, 2016

How our partner AwareLabs revolutionized how an Arizona speed shop is capturing the market for vintage Porsche restorations and racing preparations.

Chester Triplett

Military Veteran/Paralympic Athlete
"As a visually-impaired Military Veteran and Paralympic athlete, sharing my story and writing about my journey is a very important component of pursuing my 2020 Tokyo Paralympic dream. Recently I began working with Streamline Agency to build a website that would become the hub for sharing my Paralympic journey and adapting to vision loss. Stargardt's Disease causes a loss of central vision so in order to adapt, I use several low vision aids that are a builtin accessibility feature with every iOS device. Foremost, I use the zoom and VoiceOver feature which enables the utilization of auditory perception, combined with the Zoom feature and limited amount of remaining visual perception. Equipped with this low vision aids, the AwareLabs platform and Streamline Agency connectivity make it possible for a visually-impaired Para-athlete like myself to upload videos, photos and enter all the text needed to build a website that represents the journey. As well, StreamLine Agency is always readily available to provide customer service and troubleshooting when any issues occur. In sum, the ease of access that the AwareLabs and StreamLine Agency platform makes possible, well, makes possible that a visually-impaired customer like myself can easily navigate my website, all the while, defeating vision loss and disability. Nice work team! "

Kevin Wickert

"My company had the opportunity to work with Laurent for market research and re-branding. Laurent's vision and leadership led us in directions that we would not have considered with his boundless energy and seemingly endless pool of knowledge and ideas. We're grateful to Laurent for his ability to navigate and anticipate the many pitfalls and opportunities in our market. Many thanks!"

Chris Obstarczyk

"Laurent is highly knowledgable and passionate about his work. He will get you where you need to be painlessly with his top notch creativity, worth ethic and professionalism. A true master at his craft. "

Craig Muccini

General Manager
"It is a pleasure working with Laurent, he clearly explains everything and is very patient with us throughout the process. He listened to our needs and built a site that works for our business. "

Al Haberstroh

Founder and Chief Strategy Officer MontAd Media
"Laurent has the ability to derive and deliver those nuggets of actionable insights from surveys and data. The additional ability to apply these in sites in a strategic way aligned to achieving business goals makes him a very valuable resource. "

Bob Mason

Managing Director
"Laurent's one of those guys who "figures things out." When it comes to technology, he's able to fearlessly take on complex challenges, assess resources and best practices, and come up with optimal solutions. He has a great mind for the intersection of marketing and technology."